Binge – Chapter #1 The Truth

Speak the truth and the truth will set you free.

Or so we have been told. Is this true? If we speak the truth will the truth truly set us free.?

Let’s discuss “The Truth”.

Let’s talk about the truth as it exists in the world around us, truth as it takes place in business, truth as we experience it in relationships, in politics, in news reporting, in science, in religion and within ourselves.

There’s “The Truth”.

Then there’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Then there’s the truth that can’t be told and the truth that’s better left unsaid,

then there’s the truth that dare not speak its name, then there’s the plain truth,

the God awful truth and the “You can’t handle the Truth” truth.

Then there’s the truth that no one knows and the truth that’s only going to get you into trouble. 

Then there’s the truth that cannot be explained or even articulated adequately.

Then there’s “An Inconvenient Truth” as illustrated by Al Gore.

Seems there’s all kinds of truth

And the truth keeps on changing. History keeps changing. What we thought was true about yesterday and what was true today, is not necessarily going to be true tomorrow.


“The Whole Truth”

Our Truth. Their Truth, Your Truth.

“The Truth; and Nothing But The Truth.”

“The Truth and Nothing but The Truth; SO HELP ME GOD”

Oh My Lord, What is that????  Is that the kind of truth we’re crying out about hoping to gain recognition and stature for when we have conflicting or doubtful truths?

“Doubtful Truths”, now there’s a new oxymoron for you.

Doubtful truths notwithstanding, looks like we’ve got all kinds of truths when you think about it. Actually, the more we think about it the more truths we seem to be able to find.

That could be scary 😉

And what of the truth of the visionary ? That truth that nobody else sees-à YET,

but is seen with such clarity in the minds, hearts and souls of the prescient, the clairvoyant?

What of that truth seen and recognized by those who look ahead to things we do not and did not see before, but that have revealed themselves to us through the simplest and most desirable of gateways, the open mind or even prayer and meditation?

Schopenhauer said “ All great truths go through three processes,

1)    first they are ridiculed

2)    second they are violently, passionately opposed and

3)   third, they are taken as self evident”

What of these caliber truths?


Most of the time these days I think the whole world is built around lies  

and all fall into one of two categories.

The lies people tell one another and the lies people tell to themselves.

I don’t want to be a party to either of them.


And what of the new age practices of creative visualization and its potential for the creation of new truths and the creating or manifesting of one’s desires for self-realization, self-creation and of free will as spoken about in the Bible and “A Course in Miracles” and in Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Auto Biography of a Yogi” and in Buddhism, in the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran and any number of worldly theologies, and what of the truth as promised by “The Secret” ?

I’ve tried “The Secret” and just lived with a total consciousness of myself already realized as the person I was desiring to be but during the time it takes to go from imagination in your own head to realization and acceptance of your fantasy as truth by others many just wind up feeling like and looking like a pathological liar

The secret of “The Secret” is that you just have to completely immerse yourself in the character you want to become, never doubting, always thinking and acting in accordance with the identity you are creating yourself into. However, I think “The Secret” should come with a warning on its packaging. “Caution, if you continue to meet failure or start losing all your friends discontinue and consult with your therapist”. 😀 LOL  For all the successes and good it can achieve for so many I actually  wonder how many paranoid schizophrenics “The Secret” has produced 😀

And what of George Bernard Shaw’s insight that “All great truths begin as Blasphemies”

or of Malreaux, the great French philosopher who said,

“Things are more what they seem to be than what they really are.”

and that of a local politician who said “perception drives reality”.

Does that mean that the real truth and the real realities about us

are subordinated to our imagined truth and our perception of reality?

Yes , I think it does, and furthermore, I think Malreaux’s correct and even though the local politician I quoted went to jail for fraud and trying to fix a mayoral election, I think he’s right too.

Or at least it would appear that everyone has been acting in this fashion of living a life based on their own individual perceptions derived through multiple, varying and contrasting filters and even conflicting, disassociated and sometimes dysfunctional orientations.

There’s even the fleeting truth that in and of itself is not the whole truth but a partial truth that is only true for the short period of time that it serves us and that hopefully leads us to a higher understanding and a more complete truth, a larger truth, a truer truth.

The fleeting truth is chancy though and unpredictable because it’s a truth that we come to along the path of our reasoning and only occupies a small portion of the entire truth. Though it offers an opportunity to lead us to a higher truth it’s a truth that can lead us into a lie by not sending us in the best direction.

For instance, there’s the unfortunate, undesirable, unacceptable truth that there is still inequity in the distribution of wealth and financial resources between men and woman in our society and equality and a fair distribution of wealth will only be reached when the quest for equal pay for equal work is achieved. That’s a truth.

However, this truth about financial inequity and the unfair distribution and acquisition and accumulation of wealth in our society and the quest to change it and correct it will only be reached when it includes and incorporates the additional truths that men are still expected, socially and even by the courts to carry the burden of the expenses. Woman still expect a man to pay for everything, and many of the same woman who raise their fight flag high demanding equal pay for equal work still love it when a man picks up the check. Nothing wrong with that except when they expect it, demand it and look disparagingly at the man who either doesn’t automatically and immediately pick up the check or seeks to split it 50/50.  So, truly, where is the whole truth about equity and financial equality to be found? Is it just in equal pay for equal work, or is that a fleeting truth that will change once it’s achieved and the imbalance shifts to woman making the same amount as men while men are still having to pay the lions share of the bills?

The larger truth that is waiting to be recognized and honored is that many men and woman and the courts also need to change their attitudes and adjust their desires for financial equity to really mean it by both genders accepting equal financial responsibility in carrying an equal measure of life’s financial burdens and by including equal consideration for the current financial plight of the man and by woman making their equal financial contributions as many woman already do. Without that, the equity and equality truth reached only through equal pay for equal work will wilt into a lie, and equality will still elude us.

So it seems that the truth is very subject to change and at the mercy and whim of the consciousness and values of society as they exist at any one given moment, and often only for that moment.

That would suggest that the truth can be a very unstable thing and not the immovable unchallengeable Rock of Gibraltar we thought it was when we knew with all certainty that the world was flat.

Some truths need to mature or they will become stale and out of date and will finally become untrue and forgive me but The Truth seems to have a shorter life span these days.

So what about when the truth does change? The way I feel about things now is not the way I would have or did feel about them yesterday.

My understanding of life grows and therefore changes everyday so what is true for me now was not necessarily true to me before and I’m pretty confident that it will probably change tomorrow. That doesn’t make what was true to me before or true to me now a lie because it will no longer be true to me tomorrow. In this case it would then seem the truth is only the truth to us when it serves us and not for any other time.

Therefore, since that might be the case, one must assume that it could be that what is true to us now will cease being true to us in the future because our perspectives will grow. So how can we count on anything being the truth to us now, knowing it will probably change with more insight and experience.?

Brings me right back to what my father taught me about the birds and the bees when I was a kid. My father only had one short conversation with me about the birds and the bees but it was all anyone really ever needs to know and it’s served my life really well since the moment he sat down with me explained things, and this is what he said:

The very first time he recognized I was beginning to have an interest in girls and in sex he sat me down and quietly explained to me, almost in a confidential whisper that a man’s life is guided by three voices. He told me that a mans body has a voice and as it matures it basically only has one thing to talk about, speaks only one language and really only has one thing to say that it says over and over and over and over again, that it wants to be with a woman (in my case) and he told me that that voice will get louder and louder as I grow up. Since we know what it’s saying we always know what it wants so I can choose to listen to it whenever I want and whenever the time is right as well as ignore it when it is not a good time. Since most of the time it’s not something I’m going to be able to do anything about and definitely not as much as my body would want its voice is something to quickly understand and get under control and he told me that I need not pay too much attention to it nor should I act on it too often.

The mind he said is constantly learning, discovering and always gathering new information and with that new information drawing new conclusions, so it’s always changing. He told me you can’t put too much trust in your thoughts no matter how strong or loud they keep speaking to you and trying to tell you what to do because they’re like the wind and will go in different directions from one day to the next and can change on a moments notice because there’s always something you don’t know, the knowing of which could and will change everything.

In a coaching sort of way he shared with me that your thoughts also need to be controlled because they can get you into trouble if let run wild. “So you should always think about what you’re thinking about and even think about how you’re choosing to think about things, because there are a million different ways, some good, some not so good, and some ways will serve you, some will not”, and the way you think about things is always a choice. So make a good one.

He told me that our bodies and minds are tools that we are given to help us experience and create the lives we want to lead and to help us interact with the world around us, but they are not our true selves so their voices, regardless of how loud they may try to speak to us at times or how demanding of our attention they may become, their voices are only the voices of our tools.

However, he said of all your three voices your heart speaks the softest and it is the voice of our true selves so that is the one voice you need to listen for the most, listen closest to and the one voice you can always trust because it will always lead you to the experience your soul is seeking. So ignore what your body’s yelling as much as you can, don’t trust your thoughts because they’re constantly changing and unreliable and always listen for the voice of your heart because it speaks from the one place that is truly your own and comes in a chorus from God.

“Do that” he said, “and you’ll have a beautiful, rich life, filled with all it has to offer and chock full of the best kind of love you could ask for”.

That is all my father ever said to me about the birds and the bees but it is all anyone really needs to learn. So talk about the truth, there is one for you that stands the test of time.

How wise was my father !!!  Thank God for him and his wisdom. So, I’ve known and even been saved a number of times by never putting too much trust even in our own thoughts which we all would tend to believe.


Speaking about believing, how about those truths that don’t stand a chance and that nobody will believe even though you know with all certainty that they are “The Truth”.

For instance, I loved my Motorola Razor Cell Phone. The Razor was a really cool cell phone when it came out and a girlfriend gave me one that was monogrammed with my name on it so I was reluctant to trade it in when the new better iPhones came out. I finally broke down and upgraded to the iPhone and the very first day I had it I was sitting in a local bar named Brian Dempsey’s in Bayside starting to see how everything worked on it when the bar manager came over, spotted it and asked me if he could show it to someone. Knowing the manager, and this being a very local establishment I gave him my phone and watched as he went all the way to the other end of the bar and started showing it to a group of guys. Well, it went from one hand to the next to the next, all taking turns looking at my phone and showing whatever they were to each other. Finally the phone got returned to me and I went home.

The following day I went to the local Supercuts to get a haircut from the most talented haircutter in the world, Diana. Though I admit I do like my Supercuts card and that every ninth haircut is free, I go there because Diana is the best haircutter I’ve ever come across in my entire life. How blessed am I that she’s local and that I don’t have to fly back out to LA or take a train into Manhattan or get on a subway downtown or drive out to the Hamptons or Montauk to see her. Diana’s the best. She just has the touch, she just gets it and she’s one of the only people I’ve let cut my hair in the last ten years. So believe me, we know each other pretty well.

At Supercuts I happen to have been holding my new cell phone that I was just starting to learn about when Diana spotted it in my hand and said “Oh is that the new iPhone. Can I see it?”. So I handed it to her and stood next to her, shoulder to shoulder, both of our necks crooked inward to get a good close look at how it worked as she held it up in her left hand and started to play with it with her right when she pushed a button for an internet connection that suddenly started a cascade of opening windows, one upon the other, in what seemed like a fairly rapid succession of layer after layer after unbelievable layer of pictures of naked boobs. Big boobs. Small boobs, Chinese Boobs. Geriatric Boobs, Boobs of all nations. Boobs that go bump in the night, boobs that go sideways and this way and that but always ending up pointed right smack dap straight at Diana and me !!!

It was the staccato punch of these launching windows as they popped open one after the other and the amplifying visual punctuation of each picture just being these close ups of these enormous boobs that sent me into a level of shock I have never before or since encountered.

Now here’s what I’m talking about. Even I don’t believe me when I tell you “The Truth” that I DID NOT PUT THOSE PICTURES THERE AND DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THOSE WEDSITES ! but it’s the truth.

Trying to tell that to Diana, and explain that when those guys at Dempsey’s were all passing my cell phone around they must have all been sharing each others favorite boob sites with each other and that’s how all these boobs must have gotten on my phone just didn’t cut it. She just cracked up laughing and looked at me and kept repeating one word “GREGG !” “GreaaaggGGGG !!!” in varying pitches and with varying pronunciations at which point I started panicking and swearing I didn’t know anything about those pictures.

Going from worse to even more worse, totally not believing me she tried to mitigate my embarrassment by telling me “It’s alright, everybody looks at this stuff, I look at this stuff, I can’t believe you’re so embarrassed. What’s to be so ashamed of? ”

I am now into a full frontal genuflect rapidly losing all hope that I’m not going to get out of this with anything less than this impression that will forever stay in Diana’s mind of me being a walking international library of gargantuan breasts.

So you see, there actually can be a truth that nobody is going to believe, no matter how true it is. There is even a truth that You know to be true, but that even you have a hard time believing if not for the fact that it was you who was involved and the only first hand witness to.

The end result is the truth that some truths may never be known and Diana may forever think about me whenever the topic of big boobs comes up again.

But I know that my father was a very wise man and I listened to everything he said

And besides what he taught me about how a man lives his life influenced by three voices, he also taught me that whenever my life meets adversity to always look for and count my blessings, and being the silver lining finder that I am, what I want to ask you and what I can tell you that cannot be denied is “How blessed am I” I just upgraded to an iPhone that almost immediately came fully stocked and completely loaded with one of the most comprehensive and exhilarating libraries of some of the most spectacular visuals any man could hope to see. And, on top of that I got the extended warrantee.  So no matter which way it goes, I’m good. 😀


So we see that truth can be a funny, fleeting and fickle thing.

It’s complicated to say the least and has a million shapes.

If you still don’t think so here’s a complicated one that makes all truths a lie,

but brings us to a higher truth within ourselves.

Joseph Campbell said “ We are just a metaphor for God”.

Think about that truth. :-/

And what of the relationship of Faith to The Truth

And what of Beliefs? Ask a fundamentalist Muslim where it is written that there are 72 virgins waiting for him after he martyrs himself and you’ll be stepping on his beliefs and therefore his truth. You wouldn’t want to do that.

After all, maybe there are 72 virgins waiting for him on the other side.

Who is anybody to disbelieve or question how many virgins his “truth belief” can embrace as his just and rightful expectations. So, I’m not even sure what to think about the truth now that we’re thinking about it. All I know is this:

My Name is Gregg Phillip Sullivan.

Of that I am sure and the truth is I am just another person out there trying to figure things out,

and I have a growing desire to know “The Truth” because it seems so hard to find these days.

I also know that I’ve been writing down my truths in diaries and journals for as long as I can remember and I am willing to share everything with you, and to live transparently for the sake of education, hopefully entertainment and for the cause of conscious evolution, and I am willing to experiment with my own life and to put it on the line and share my truths, past, present and future with You, with everybody, and to stand before you all as an open book to be used as a reference point by which you may come to understand and know yourselves better, simply by the processes of observation, comparison and discernment.

Simply put, I’m volunteering to be the man in the arena, the first guinea pig in an societal experiment in truth telling and we can use me as reference point for truth and for truth telling to see if anything we come across can be of any benefit to anybody, if it has merit, or if this process of my / our truth telling can be of any value to anyone, even you personally and let’s see if it might be able to make an impact or effect some positive change in this crazy, wacky, mixed up, wonderful world we find ourselves in.

Allow me to be one of the first to step up to the plate, (regardless of whatever my truth may be and in the face and in spite of what dangers, judgments and criticisms exposing my truth may expose me to) and become part of “The Living Novel” that speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

It may be considered reckless and most probably unwise by many

but I just want my life to have the experience of truly telling it and hearing it like it is,

self-examined, unbridled, unrestrained, uninhibited, unafraid, honestly and forthrightly.

I just want to tell and hear the truth about things.

That shouldn’t be such a big deal, but I have a suspicion it’s going to be harder to do and be more difficult to come by than one would think or that should be.

Something also tells me I’m not alone and cannot be the only one who’s sick of hearing a lot of phony bologna from everywhere we turn out there. I’m Sick of hearing spin, sick of everybody speaking whatever they will to serve their own agenda. Sick of witnessing people falsify or twist the truth to satisfy their own devises and motives as opposed to that of any common good. I’ve had enough with the rise of ego-centric reporters and pundits who alter facts and exaggerate off kilter and extremist positions to serve their own vanity or secure their jobs by spouting the spin of whatever media conglomerate or cable channel they were able to find a platform on.

And I’m sick and tired of everyone being full of it and not being on the level and not being able to trust or rely on anything I hear from anybody. Am I alone in this?

It seems like smart people proffer information or answer questions in very considered and deliberate and calculated ways and in the way they think their information should be given, the way they think it’s best to answer and give only the answers that serve their interests, or that will result in the best outcome for their own agendas or that will even protect the recipient of the answer from information they need not know or that will only cause complications or confusions.

That all has merit and I too have spoken in ways that told the truth but not necessarily divulged the whole truth because it wasn’t needed or because the whole truth might give the wrong, untruthful impression or when the recipient really wasn’t anyone I could trust to understand it from a perspective that would serve me or even serve the real truth as I experienced it.

There’s also the opposite that I’ve committed way too often. How many times have you told a story about yourself to someone close to you or even not so close to you or given information about something to a stranger, an event for instance and after you told the story realized by their judgmental reaction that maybe you shouldn’t have told that particular person that story in that way because of the way that person is choosing to interpret it or because they’re particular filters or sensitivities will probably read something else into it that’s not appropriate but it’s too late to retract or revise it?

The truth is a very complex thing, both in the telling of it as well as in the listening for it

or as Gandhi would say “Someone should try it sometime.”


With all of that said, I’ve been thinking about “The Truth” a lot and for a long time and I realize it’s much more elusive than we think. These days, I’m not even sure where to start to find “The Truth” in the world around me. There isn’t a politician or businessman or contractor or salesman that speaks the truth, indeed, they operate on paradigms that require telling anything but the truth.

Let’s talk about truth as it relates to relationships and what happens to the truth there.

Even in Love, the joys, the ecstasies of new found love and true romance start off magically and hypnotically, mezmerizingly  and blessedly simply because of the truths and vulnerabilities that two people, new lovers will openly share about themselves with each other at the start of their encounter, and new lovers find there’s nothing more alluring, nothing more magnetic, no chemistry more exciting, no greater bond, no stronger tie, no deeper experience than the one they find while exposing and sharing their intimate truths with each other.

But all too often, as soon as the relationship starts to develop and once sexual interaction starts to happen between them some sort of insane, self defeating and self sabotaging power play starts to happen and jockying for position and dominance and desire for control over the relationship takes place and the beautiful sharing and acceptance of each others truths about their differing life experiences and gentle, endearing pathos disappears and the truths that are now told come from an offensive defensive posturing, each suggesting that their truth is more correct than the others, where one is now right for their truth and the other is now wrong for theirs and the very same differing truths about themselves that once brought them lovingly into each others embrace now cause argument and the acceptance of the others truth stops being embraced for its value but resisted and fought with because of its difference from the other.  How crazy is that?

Who’s perspective, who’s insights, who’s truths could be more valuable to you than the ones that come from the most important person in your life, the one you love. Yet husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, lovers of every cross gender wind up fighting to the death with each other just to gain and maintain the position of being the one who’s right while making the other person wrong when neither one is right or wrong.

If someone is a liar, that is, if someone tells you something they know to be untrue in the hopes of deceiving you to produce a desired outcome or advantage for themselves, well, they’ll eventually be found out and you just won’t ever believe anything that person says anymore.

But if someone, especially the person you’re in love with, is telling you in earnest about what they see and know and understand, then the information they’re sharing can’t possibly do anything but help you with broadening your own horizon of thought and expanding your own perspective and insights and bring you to a higher truth, so why would you ever fight with them. Yet that’s what people do. “Ah, what fools these mortals be.”

How I have longed to have a relationship develop that clings to the propensity towards truth that ignited it. How discouraged and sad I feel at how many promising and beautiful love affairs I see around me, in overwhelming numbers, soil and die because of the withdrawal of allowance, of tolerance, acceptance, respect and giving of freedom each once extended to the truths of the other.

In a relationship I’ve had with a woman that I’m going to write to you about later I have a saying to her that eliminates half of any possible argument.

I will just never argue with her and when our perspectives differ I listen to her carefully, and try to repeat back to her verbatim, the exact words she used to express her position to me.  That way she knows I’m listening.

Then I try to paraphrase and repeat back to her what she said in my own words and if I didn’t get it correctly I ask her to explain until I do. That way she knows I care and I hear her.

Lastly, I try to find some event, some example in my own life that produced a similar insight or feeling in me and I ask her if this resonates with her perspective and feelings and if it does, BINGO, she knows I empathize with her and that I understand.

When that moment comes (and sometimes, if not most times, that can take a very long time and an extreme amount of energy and patience) I’ll ask her if she’s really sure I understand. When she says “yes you got it”, she’s always so happy and tells me how much she loves me and how she’s never been with a man who cared enough to take the time that I do to understand her and she loves how I get her.

The phrase I use and repeat time and time again to eliminate half of any possible argument is:  “as far as I’m concerned you can never be wrong and if that’s the way you feel, your views, your truths now become part of the way I feel and I incorporate it in my own thinking, embrace it and call it my own.”

“I embrace it, incorporate it and call it my own” gets rid of half the argument.

However, there’s trouble as soon as I say “now that we’ve worked that out for you and we understand the truth from your perspective would you like to know what it was like for me and what I saw and how I felt?”

As soon as I say that all hell breaks loose and she starts screaming “you just don’t get it, you just don’t get it. All you want to do is ram your opinion down my throat”.

“No, I’ll replay. I don’t want to ram anything down anybody’s throat, I’m just hoping you’d want to hear and know what I feel” which never happens and she just keeps arguing and going over again what I just spent hours coming to agreement on and being understanding about. :-/

To make sure we keep this light 🙂 and never take ourselves too seriously 😎 and just to inject some fun into the intellectualizing about The Truth, here we can see another example of when a truth isn’t even a truth. As you can see, even when I have a legitimate truth that I eliminated 1/2 the argument by not participating in a fight but embracing, incorporating and calling my own that which was her differing perspective, if she doesn’t join in the effort to see things both ways and learn from that but chooses to now be more angry that I could still have and hold onto my own opinion in the face of having come to an understanding of hers, the argument is now only escalated and my truth about eliminating half the argument isn’t really a truth at all because as long as there’s an argument there’s an argument. There’s no such thing as half and argument so even my own truth isn’t true and I admit, I don’t know the first thing about truth. LMAO 😀

So help me God.

So, help me, God.


What is The Truth and where does truth really exist and how do we help it thrive?

I look at a glass of water. Clear, basic, elemental and un-compromised and I can see an unequivocal purity and truth in it. I drink what is reported to be one of the purest and best drinking waters one can find in the world that comes out of the taps of sinks in New York City as well as bottled water of all brands and origins.

Yet, if we had it analyzed it’s probably got fluorides, and chemicals in it to make it something else other than pure water so I can’t find a truth that I am not skeptical about in, even in water.

I listen to music and I can find truth there. The truth you find in music is a truth you just “Feel”

Where can truth be found? Put on Boney James playing “Sweet Thing” and you can feel truth there.

I can find truth in the words of the poet. I read the love sonnets of John Dunne and I can find truth there. If you can understand it you can feel it.

Here’s a complexity about truth. It’s always a co-creation and I’m aware that in telling “MY TRUTH” I will need to mention other people who were participants in its co-creation. Everything we experience is, in some way or another, a co-creation and co-dependant on outside factors and outside influences and other people for its experience.

We do not live in “The World of The Absolute” as God does. We live in “The World of The Relative” where “hot” cannot exist if it were not for the presence or perception of “cold”. “Up”” cannot exist without the presence or perception of “down”, “here” cannot exist without the presence or perception of “somewhere else”,  “Love “ cannot exist without the presence or perception of “indifference” or “hate”.

Regarding this last statement about Love’s existence, I cannot say that I am completely confident in stating it. Something makes me suspect that “The Truth” is that “Love” CAN exist without the presence or perception of indifference or hate. However, I do not have the intelligence or insight or vocabulary to tell you why my heart feels this way. But, I do believe with all my heart, and subscribe to the wisdom that I learned at a spiritiuality retreat with Neale Donald Walsch, the writer of the  “Conversations with God” books that; “If it were not for that which we are not, that which we are, is not.”

And if it were not for those other participants and players and associations I had in my life, my experience would never have been what it has been.

However, I am also very aware of, and prepared for the fact that those other players and participants and influences, may quite possibly, and most probably will differ in their recollections, if not violently object with my representations and descriptions of their actions and participation in my story and understanding.

If that be the case I say feel free to come forward, any and all who may desire to quarrel with any representation I make here regarding them or about myself and use the comment box provided at the botton of each page to state whatever view you might have and quibble with me as you may desire.

As I mentioned about corroboration, just know that every statement I will make here in this novel I make with the greatest of consideration and attention to its veracity and only with the unequivocally validating support provided by years of hoarding historical documentation, video tapes and photographs that this technology of on-line publishing facilitates the delivery of as well as witnesses to almost each and every event I portray and that you will have to be very, very secure, and without doubt about your own position and understandings about your own actions and behaviors should you decide to disagree or challenge me and my truths and representations here and that you will have to undergo the same public scrutiny and experience the same open exposure and full disclosure that I am about to put my own life through here and now with this book. If you quarrell with what I say here you’ll be entering yourself into the living novel and I will put this on the web and will gladly post your views here along with mine. If you’re prepared to do that, come on down.

But also know that I would welcome you, and that nothing would earn my respect, admiration, appreciation and love  more than if or when anyone I may mention here would accept my invitation and actually step up to the plate and add a story of their own and join me or  challenge me should they feel so compelled with my representations about myself, my life or of you,  and put your truth “Out There” and on the line for public scrutiny, evaluation and judgment and join me in exploring the of potential “The Living Novel” and create a new day, where we evolve from beneath the shadows and dysfunctionality of our insecurities and grow past our fears and stop our deceptions and dances around the real truths of our existence and finally take a chance and test the adage that “The Truth will set us free”. And to see what we may learn.

<3 I vow to tell my truth in this book, my whole truth and nothing but my truth. So help me God.

So, help me God.

Dear Lord, help me.

Help me write and tell my truth,

in words that others can understand, in ways that will serve others

and in ways that will aid those who are struggling with the same obstacles

and adversities that I have struggled with.

And help me write this book and make a contribution to our time

And to the ways of man.

 Let The Living Novel begin. !




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2 comments on “Binge – Chapter #1 The Truth
  1. Armand Duval says:

    I am happy to be able to be one of the first to get with the program and to wish you well, all the best and God’s Speed with this project and its really noble and worthy aspirations by being one of the first $ Dollars $ to be donated to the cause. Here is my $1 dollar. May you put it to the best use and hopefully together we can make things happen to help us advance and evolve into a more enlightened species.

    Yours Truly,
    Armand Duval

  2. Paula Fedoris says:

    I consider myself fortunate to “participate in your truth” and witness your creativity blossom and evolve to the next phase.

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