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Earth lights

Working in the film industry for so many years I travel back and forth from LA to New York more times than anyone could count and I always loved when we’d fly past that point where the lights on the ground would end and all you’d see was total darkness below.

I’d stare out the window and dream of what it was like down there and felt like I was Kevin Costnar’s character in “Dances with Wolves” and I loved feeling like I was witnessing the frontier while it was still there.

Then as the years rolled by the amount of time we flew over darkness dwindled and pretty soon as you flew over one city and watched it from the time you spotted it ahead of us to the time it disappeared behind us there would be another city ahead to take its place and, like polka dots across the land you’d see lights both ahead and behind and I remember that one very specific red eye flight I took home to be with my family for the 4th of July, where I stared out the window the entire time we crossed America where the total darkness never came and the trail of lights went coast to coast and there was no longer any stretch where you couldn’t see a string of lights somewhere on the horizon and I remember trying to tell my whole family about this, like Chicken Little frantically trying to tell everyone the sky was falling, because it seemed to have such profound significance to me while it seemed to have no meaning at all to anyone else and my story about the end of darkness and untouched wilderness fell on apathetic ears. I still long for those those days where I saw the darkness and hope it’s not too late to find it somewhere else. But this is a beautiful picture of the earth as it is now and seen from the international Space Station. Pretty cool. We really are such a one of a kind, beautiful miracle gem in the middle of a ever expanding universe. BTW, That’s my house in Southampton dead center at the very bottom with the one light that looks like a twinkling star



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