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“The Living Novel”

Introduction : This is an open invitation and opportunity for any and all who may choose to seize it,
to observe, to witness, and to actually play an active role in and become an awakened and  conscious part of the dramatic evolutionary change we are all right in the middle of and experiencing as individuals and that’s observable in our societies and within our institutions and technologies and that we’re watching take place throughout all humanity around the globe and across the board.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of a “Think Tank” this is your invitation.

We are all in the midst of very significant and irreversable change. A societal and evolutionary paradigm shift is clearly underway with our collective consciousness and sweeping across the landscape of all our human experiences and The Bayside Experiment recognizes these moments in time for the magnificent potential that they hold for us, where a single human being has the greatest potential of effecting change than ever before in our history and where every individual now has a greater capacity for self realization and self fulfillment then ever dreamed of in the past.

If you’ve ever suspected that there’s more to you than what you know, here is your chance to find out.

To demonstrate this for you in practical application and with illustrated, tangible steps, The Bayside Experiment spearheads this transformation awareness and moment in time with a single human being (one single individuation of the collective that comprises all of us and of whom You are an equal part) consciously reaching out to speak directly to all humanity and shouting “STOP”.  “Arret, S’il vous plait”.  Please, Stop. Let us all, each and every one of us stop, if for just one moment, as in sharing a moment of silence together, let’s stop and take a deep inhale, take a step back and together recognize a need and time for reflection and self examination and let’s look at where we are , and what we are doing, and question where we’re thinking of going with our lives and with each other and even ponder what the future of our humanity can bring to us if we think as One.

Ever feel like you’re so busy being busy that you’re missing what’s really important for your life?

The Bayside Experiment represents a benchmark in time where the actual thought of  how we should and do think about ourselves comes into question and gets addressed. It is the start of a ubiquitous dialoque that we either have been, currently are, or will be engaged in at some point.

Ever want to be a part of something larger than yourself 

or do something more meaningful than what’s on your hectic day to day  “to do”  list?

What’s being offered for you here to witness is an experiment in humanity, played out right here, right now, right before your eyes, where you can come and go as you please, observe whatever you’d like, and see whatever you choose to see. But most importantly, it is a place where your opportunites to explore your own potentials and examine and define yourself are as abundant, boundless and as over flowing and ever present as any place else you might hope to find.

Whether you realize it or not, you are a part of  “The Living Novel”

and play a roll in the story that’s being written about life itself.

“The Living Novel”  is a cornocpia of illustrations, observations, testimonies,  facts and real time interactions supplying reference points by which you may come to look at your own life and compare and to see where you fit in.

The creation of your experience and reality is more in your control and easier than you may realize.

Who are we?  Where are we? What are we doing now? What do we want to do and what do we want to see and how do we want to live our lives and how closely do those desires match with the life we are living and how does it compare to what we actually are experiencing right here, right now at this place and point and time in our own lives and in humanity?

An Adventure in Truth Telling.

Though it’s nasty work, someone’s got to do it. Someday, somewhere, somehow, like right here, right now and from this point forward, we are all going to have to talk about this 800 pound gorilla that’s in the room and growing larger by the day. That is this “Issue” about “The Truth” in our society.  Where is “The Truth”, who’s speaking it? What is “The Truth” and how do we know we’re receiving it?  To what degree and on what comparitive basis do we really think we’re getting or understanding  “The Truth” and how much have we been willing to accept, and even condone, and even participate in the issuance of “Un-Truths”.

Of the many things, “The Bayside Experiment”, through the literary genre I am coining “The Living Novel” , is all about “The Truth” . It aspires to be an open exploration and public test of that simple old adage

“Speak The Truth and The Truth Will Set You Free”.

The Bayside Experiment, an open adventure in truth telling, is presented to you here for your pleasure in a segregation of three equal parts. There is the  truth about the past, there are the truths about our present, and there is the truth about our futures.

In the Bayside Experiment you will find three sections. One is The GPS Stream (Blog) This is an open diary of                                                            the present and includes an interesting real time account of the formation of a small business, a micro-market TV channel called from its conception, during its formation and follows it through to its self actualization. It is a small business that anyone can do and make money from anywhere they choose. It will include and provide legal contracts and business plans should anyone care to start a small, Hyper-Local TV channel of their own but more importantly The Blog includes statements that I make to life itelf and contracts I propose specifically to you and for all humanity’s consideration.

The Second is a book called Binge. It is entitled Binge because of what I observed in my ten years of movie making out in Hollywood, as well as what I saw during my ten years in network television while living in Manhattan. It also addresses what I’m witnessing everywhere today because I think the whole world, our entire species has been on a big long binge, and it feels like it is either beyond our control or completely out of it. From the people and institutions who collect and control the public and private spending of our money and who are in postions of authority and power, to the industries, institutions and technologies we’ve created to serve us, to the individual behaviors we’re all practicing or adopting or creating. It seems like every thing and every body is binging on reality, without giving adequate consideration or even acknowledgement of the laws of unintended  consequences.

The Bayside Experiment  is my offer to humanity to be the man in the arena, to place myself at untold risk (calculated risk, but risk all the same) in order to provide a reference point and home for “Truth” to exist, to grow and to flourish and it starts with my telling of my truths and presenting them here for any and all to see, and to weigh in on.

Socrates said “The Unexamined Life isn’t worth Living”

Let’s see how true that is.

Here’s the deal:  Thanks to this tool of technology, I will present the truths about my past (to be laid out in 14 chapters) on an ongoing realtime basis, self-editing and refining my own representations as we go along. I will post my stories for you exactly as they come to mind and tell the tales of my experience and share the insights that they gave to me all the while editing and re-editing my own work right in front of you and for all to witness.

In so doing and by this process of ” The Self Examined Life” I believe I will find my own flaws, see my own shortcomings and recognize the mistakes I’ve made along the way. As I come to these realizations, I will include these additional insights, add these corrections and modifications in my thinking to the book and notify you when these changes occur as well as identify where these edits are made and as these realizations take place, so that you will see where I was, where I came from and where I got to by this process of self examination, self editing and self determined growth and if by any stretch this is effort and idea is of any interest to anybody or of any help to even one person I will be a happy man.

To make this really work, I invite, will welcome and will incorporate the truths of others in the telling of my tales, so if there is anybody out there that would like to chime in and add anything to my stories at any time or inspired to contribute to the telling of them, or if at any time anybody feels something I’ve said is NOT the truth in any of these chapters and wants to set the record straight from their perspective, they are invited, if not encouraged to come forth and state their case by simply placing their thoughts in the comments box provided at the bottom of each chapter.

At the conclusion of the writing of the book, when all 14 chapters have been completely posted, and after my own self-corrections and modifications are made and my own conclusions are drawn from this process and experience of unbridled truth telling, self-examination and transparent living is done, I will publish all the comments that have been submitted along the way, and as long as they comply with a few specific requirements ( they must be legitimate, not mean spirited or written with malicious intent, verifiable and corroborated, presented without unreasonable  or offensensive language , etc) no matter what they may present or say about me, I will publish and address them. The understanding being that within this growth and self-evolitive process I am going to lead a transparent life for any and all to observe and should anyone care to interact with me in this experimental world of transparency they will be very welcomed and appreciated with the caveat that should a contribution be made that is desparaging or condeming, I will post them, and I will openly look at their vercity and sincerely consider their insight into my own life right in front of everybody and hopefully grow from them and be a better man for it, but the maker of that negative statement will also become subject to that same transparency and I will be presenting my views of them right back at anyone who has anything bad to say. So, as long as you’re willing to go public and be seen under a microscope, so will I.  AND THAT’S THE TRUTH 😉

The third section is a website called  “ “. This section plays the dominant role in our Think Tank experience as it is where the greatest diversity and inter-active dimension of self examination takes place. Though resolute and serious in its mission statenment it’s also intended to be a lighthearted and fun opportunity for us to look at what we know, hopefully, together identify some things we don’t, and once we know what we know, make up our minds about what we want to do with this reality we have on our hands.

It’s time to raise our consciousness, right here, right now in Real Time.

This is the art of life in demonstration and the art of the possible in action and presented to you right here, right now, in real time. It is, and will always be, a work in progress. What you are about to see and are invited to witness and participate in is an experiment in self realization and the All American Spirit of Innovation and Individual Freedom.

When we say “In Real Time” we mean it. So, to that end the construction of this site is taking place as you read this and even as we speak. It is being formed from its inception right here. right now.  The mechanics are being put into place on a round the clock basis, the chapters are just starting to be put up and there will be choices for you to make regarding the level of involvement in The Bayside Experiment your interests will take you. These levels are being constructed in the classsic Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans. Definitions of what those plans offer and entail can currently be found when you click and enter the book  “Binge”, and will be put into effect shortly. For right now, as we’re just getting started, you are welcome to choose “Bronze”.

Stay tuned,  We’ve only just begun 😉

and one last thing, wish me luck 😉

Join us here by choosing the package that fits your desires.

Bronze – $1:
Pay as you gomore info

Special Chapters – $2.50:
Additional chapters marked “Special”more info

Silver – $10:
All 14 chaptersmore info

Gold – $15:
All access to contentmore info

Platinum/Professional – $150:
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