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Probably the greatest role we play in life is providing a reference point by which others can experience and know what and who they are.

Chapter One …..Now On-Line

This is truly an adventure story to end all adventure stories. It’s an experiment in human evolution and an exploration into the self. This first chapter is all about “The Truth”. What it is. Who Speaks it. Who does not. It’s about YOU. It’s about Me.Talk about adventures, this one’s a doozey !! 🙂

This is that section of The Living Novel process where we examine a past. openly and honestly for all to see and bear witness to. By placing an interactive novel of our pasts out in the open, we are forced to consider our truths from outside of our own filters, biases, egos and desires. Here, for anyone and everyone to validate or contradict, is the interactive novel of my past, the life story of my years in television and in Hollywood .

I say “interactive’ because it is told from my perspective and is a chronicle of my truths but any and all who may have known me or been involved with me during any of the eras or events I portray are welcome and invited to contribute their stories, insights and even contradictions to the narrative I present. At the end of this summer, after this book has been completed and concluded, and after all 14 chapters are up, all the comments, stories and contributions by others, as long as they’re honest in spirit and intent, will be published and responded to. So I better tell the truth right from the get go LOL 😀

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2 comments on “Binge (The Book)
  1. Good luck. Sent from the comment box attached to the bottom of the top page of Binge. july 14th 2013

  2. Armand Duval says:

    I am happy to be able to be one of the first to wish you well, all the best and God’s Speed with this project and its really noble and worthy aspirations by being one of the first $ Dollars $ to be donated to the cause. Here’s is my $1 dollar. May you put it to the best use and hopefully together we can make things happen to help us advance and evolve into a more enlightened species.

    Yours Truly,
    Armand Duval

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