Chris and Michele Cochran Everwine

What do you see.

Chris and Michele Cochran Everwine

*The things we see *

Most of you know  I joke about my being able to see faces hiding everywhere I go and hidden everywhere I look and that that ability actually has a name “Pareidolia” that I dedicated my page to as well as assigned a category  titled  “Pareidolia Maximus” under the section on this website called “That Went Out With The Mayan Calendar”.

It’s just a curious visual phenomina that only requires having a fun outlook on life and the application of a little imagination to achieve but once I point out what I see to others who do not see the same, as soon as I show them what I see people usually get it and become amazed and suddenly smile back at a face that was staring them straight in the eye the whole time (like Michele and Chris are doing here)  but didn’t even see it. However, once you see it, you can’t unsee it, ever again.

Let’s take a look at this picture. What do you see?

It’s the picture of a couple like any other couple you might know. It looks like it could be their wedding picture or even a picture you might see already placed in a frame you’d buy at Walmart or Rite-Aid.

Take a look again, just to make sure you see what you see and so we’re both on the same page with this.  Look at their eyes, their smiles, their posture and their personalities that appear pretty pleasant. Now, let’s grow in our perceptions right here right now and let me tell you what I see.

I see “EPIC”.

There’s a story behind these two beautiful people that once you know it will change the way you see their  picture and even yourself forever. Let me tell you about Chris. take another look at this swetheart of a guy with that clear smile and those baby blue eyes..


This is a guy who throws himself in harms way every day of his life to make sure that Michele, and her son Joshua , the people in the neighborhood, the people in his county and our country and you and I are safe.

Amongst other rolls Chris has been a Negotiator on Swat teams and with the police department. This is a guy who stands outside a door on the other side of which is a madman with a gun who’s threatening violence and harm to himself and to others and negotiates with him to get him to put the guns down and give up a hostage or adandon whatever activity will bring pain and suffering to everyone. This is a guy who’s seen partners standing inches away from him killed by a bullet shot from the other side of the very door he’s speaking to the perpetrator through. This is a guy who puts everyone elses safety and happiness before his own and this is a guy who devotes himself without reservation to his wife and her son’s happiness and health. Take another look at his picture again. he looks a little differenty to you now doesn’t he. Now we see there’s much much more than just a groom after a wedding ceremony or a professional portrait picture placed inside a $10 frame at CVS to help sell it to us.

Let me tell you about Michele, talk about “EPIC”, it’s not for me to tell her story which is incredible and an inspiration to all who know it. You can read for yourself by going to her personal site at _________ and her facebook page but what you will find is a hero, and inspiration, a warrior. Michele is the stuff legends are made of. She’s a testament to the human spirit and an example of the best of what we all have inside of us, though few have the courage and will power and determination to live it.


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