Given an Outstanding Community Service Award

Bayside Homeowners Outstanding Community Service Award.

Service Award

December 4, 2012 in All Saints Church’s Common Room

The Bayside Homeowners Association Award for Outstanding Community Service was given to Gregg P. Sullivan for his contributions to the revitalization of Bayside and the Bell Blvd Business Corridor, for his clean up and restoration of Bayside’s LIRR Train Station, and for reopening Bayside’s streets to public events after 17 years of roadblocked inactivity, and producing its First And Second Annual Arts and Crafts Festivals , its First Annual Fire and Safety Awareness Day Music Festival with Senator Tony Avella, for his time and contributions to the Lawrence Family Cemetery Clean-Up with Assemblyman Ed Braunstein and The Bayside Historic Society, the First Annual Outdoor Retail Expo and Music Festival, for his Bell Blvd Beautification efforts and upgrading the Holiday Lights for the Christmas Season, and for launching Bayside’s first media and advertising campaigns, its banner program and lining Bell Blvd with American Flags, creating and personally manning Bell Blvds 24 hour Snow Watch and overseeing its clean up to keep Bayside open for business during the blizzards of 2011, launching Bayside’s First Social Media, Facebook and Twitter pages and for creating and launching Bayside’s own micro-market TV channel

Wow, was presented with this wonderful award. I didn’t do the things I did for credit or appreciation, I did what I did because I care and because someone had to get things done. Being recognized and honored with this award by the whole community was unexpected and very rewarding. Having our local Senator, Councilman and Assemblyman express their recognition of my contributions, I will admit, is a really humbling experience.
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