Giving Birth to The Bayside Center for The Arts :-)

January 20, 21st and 22nd. 2017

Friday and Saturday Nights and Sunday Afternoon .

The opening weekend of the  “Literary Nights on Bell” events.

This was one intense weekend.

This was the reschedule of the “Literary Nights on Bell”event  that had previously been cancelled due to a freak snowstorm

that landed right smack dab in the middle of town.

We had two published authors, three woman from the advanced Bayside writers club , a performance art author and a local film maker, Gino Cafarelli .

On opening night we had two actors reading from the script Gino wrote

and we showed clips from Gino’s movies as he narrated .  That was pretty cool.

Lon Blais was there reading snipets from his one man show that’s now taking off like a shooting star

and we had the unexpected pleasure of a new addition of a local writer , David R. Yale

a published and very talented and versatile author

who we were somewhat serendipitously blessed to meet because he came to us through our notices at the LIRR

and not through our website or social media or Facebook pages.

He , along with the others who came down during the snowstorm to be present at the opening

of  our “Literary Nights on Bell” event, he in particularly came not knowing that the evening had been cancelled and not having seen the postings of the cancellation on-line.

He is the person I had stated in my cancellation notices that I’d still go down to open up the nascent Bayside Center for the Arts for,

just in case someone from the LIRR Train Station notices came by, and as if by wizardry, VOILA !!, David R. Yale appeared and was that guy.

BTW, there’s a complete and wonderful story all its own about working with the Long Island Railroad

who were incredibly accommodating and helpful to us and without whom we’d never have been introduced to David in the first place.

So, The Event.

We video recorded the entire weekend from introductions to question and answers and everything in between.

The writers were front line and each captivated the audience’s attention like magnets to metal.

The members of the newly formed Bayside Council for the Arts

Maria Provavano Sausa, John O’Neil , Melissa Brodman, Willy Airaldi and Paul DiBenidetto ,

all chipped in to help the initiative along and lend a hand.

Attached is the program that we held over the three days thanks to John O’Neil who volunteered his time to construct it for us

as well as a lot of pictures that tell the story. Some more the others .

I felt a particular joy in taking the pictures of the guys standing outside the Arts Center looking up

applying their imaginations and expertise to the survey of the facade of the new center.

More to come .



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