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There are a few options for how you may experience and benefit from our site.

As spoken about in our introduction and cover pages, there are three elements to The Bayside Experiment. A book called “Binge”, a blog and a website called ThatWentOutWithTheMayanCalendar.com .

All three work together to create the whole experience and there are entertaining add ons to enhance your experience with videos, photographs, links to associated articles and for “The Professional” there are documents and helpful legal contracts, business statistics and opportunities to generate income. To get you started you may choose any of the following options to participate.

Bronze: “The Casual Observer” ($1) Choose this option to read the book and pay as you go, chapter by chapter for 13 chapters. The cost is $1 dollar per chapter and entitles you to a limited amount of the Blog.

Silver: “The Explorer” ($10) With this option you get all 13 chapters for $10 Dollars, plus full access to the blog (without videos) and partial access to The Mayan Calendar website.

Gold: “The All Access Pass” ($15) This option provides you with all 13 chapters of the book, full access to the blog and access to all the videos and links as well as full access to ThatWentOutWithTheMayanCalendar.com

Platinum: “The Professional” ($150) This option offers career and business opportunities as well as secondary income generating potentials for property owners, insights for all varieties of businesses on how to capitalize on film and TV production in your area, job opportunities for people looking for employment in film, TV and internet content production, and is also a great place for people considering getting into the film or TV production industry to get an insider look on how it works and to make connections.

In addition to “The All Access Pass” to The Bayside Experiment provided by our ‘Gold’ option, the Platinum option also provides you with One (1) Hour of consulting on the television and film and internet content production industries as well as provides you with all the necessary legal documents, contracts and guidance you’ll need to offer and utilize your home or property for potential income generation as a film location, or to even to start your own income generating local TV channel. If you’re looking to earn some extra money or start a career or business in content production or entertaining the idea of working in the film or TV industries, this is a great place to get you started. Platinum membership is limited and finalized only through a personal interview and under separate contract.

E-mail us at info@TheBaysideExperiment.com stating your particular interest as well as your contact information and we’ll have one of our business associates contact you for an interview and free consultation.

Special Chapters ($2.50) As described in the introduction to the book and in the chapter listings, there are certain additional chapters marked “Special” because they either contain sensitive or mature content or they are being co-authored by an industry professional and revenue is split between the authors. In these cases, where indicated you’ll need to choose the “Special” option in the PayPal drop down menu in order to access these chapters and no other content is offered through this purchase.  All other content in The Bayside Experiment needs to be purchased separately.

We look forward to serving you and making a positive contribution to the society we live in.

Join us here by choosing the package that fits your desires.

Bronze – $1:
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Special Chapters – $2.50:
Additional chapters marked “Special”more info

Silver – $10:
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Gold – $15:
All access to contentmore info

Platinum/Professional – $150:
Career and Business opportunities and All access to contentmore info

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