Pareidolia Maximus (galleries just starting to be posted)

There’s more here than meets the eye. Or so it would appear. 

Just for fun , here are some funny pictures to start us off that are being placed into galleries for you.

Here’s the first. I’m particularly fond of the pictures I’ve entitled

“The Grand Canyon’s Board of Directors”.

AKA : “The Hoo Doos of  Grand Canyon”.

What I like the most and am most proud of is the fact that the National Parks Service Tour Guides at the Grand Canyon have been walking past this rock formation for years and never saw what I saw and never had any reason to point it out to others.

However, now that I’ve introduced them to it, they now make this vista a determined spot on the tour of the Grand Canyon and point out “The Board of Directors” to amazed tourists during their tour. 

Grand Canyon Board of Directors

Here’s a wide shot of the entire Board.

Cartoon rush2

That’s the Chairman Emeritus looking to the left, with Board Member #2 butted right up against him.

Cartoon rush3

That’s Board member #2 cut off on the left with Board Member #3 , The Chairman of the Board

who looks like a dog in a Flintstones cartoon along with Board Member #4 on the right.

This guyCartoon rush4

Board Member #4 in the middle looks like a caricature of Jay Leno to me.

Grand Canyon Board of Directors

There are a few more board members in there that we’ll get back to. But no matter what. It doesn’t take much to start seeing what I’m seeing. BTW, these are also called “Hoo Doos” an called so by the ancient indians who saw them as spirits in the earth coming to watch over the land. Later I will be showing you The Hoo Doos of Montauk L.I

Here’s two picture that my friend Linda Abrahms took. They’re a little freaky. They’re of some monkeys in a tree but when the light hits the monkeys face it does something startling and as the photo captured, a human face appeared like a hoodoo .

Take a look at what happens when the light catches the monkeys face :-D

Take a look at what happens when the light catches the monkeys face 😀

Linda's Monkey 2



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