The Diesel Locomotive in the Bayside LIRR Train Yards.

This one’s for Tommy Byrne. Walking over the trestle to the Bayside Post Office Annex I spotted this deisel locomotive whose engine was running in the train yard. Totally couldn’t help myself and walked down and snuck into the yard to get a closer look and check it out and thought – you know, I bet if Tommy Bryne and I had grown up together we would have been doing stuff like this and going down to the train yard all the time. Wierd thing was there was absolutely no one around. Place was totally deserted with no one in sight so i walked over to the train to get a real close look and started taking pictures of the wheels and the brakes while the engine was running and as valves kept hissing and releasing pressure making you think there must be some ghost engineer operator on board making it happen and I’m not afraid to admit I had a Walter Mitty moment as I circled the locamotive and imagined myself climbing up the side of the train and into the cabin and started turning steam dials and pulling levers that cranked and clicked as the gears engaged until the engine started moving down and out of the yard and that I drove the train down the tracks and through the Bayside train Station past people on the platform and continued across the country across desolate wheat fields and ended up in Illinois 😀 It was only a brief moment of mental abstraction but how can you not feel like a kid standing that close to a huge train engine like that . It was pretty cool .10985546_418911674930388_808115185123205534_n

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