The flaw of “Gender Inequality”

I find the way we’re viewing gender differences and role construction

by using the term “Gender Inequality”  to be somewhat faulty.

I believe there is now, and always has been Gender Equality.

“How can you say that when men make more than woman for doing the same work?”

For the longest time men made the money and paid the bills. That was their job.

Go out and work and make money for us and “bring home the bacon”.

That’s what we were taught and that’s what we knew and that’s the construction and one of the measures by which a man knew he would be judged. be a good provider and you’ll be liked and loved, and Men paid paid all the bills.

I am all for woman’s rights and you’ll find no bigger champion for woman’s causes than me.

As the world evolves and more opportunities become available to all, roles  change,

cultural constructions start to shift and woman entering into the work force frees everybody to experience more out of life. Shift takes time. If woman want equal pay for equal work that’s the way it should be. But men are still expected to pay all the bills. When a man and woman go out to dinner, the man is still expected to pay. An argument could be made that if a man and a woman were making the same amount of money yet the woman doesn’t split the bill 50/50 the inequality has not been eliminated , it’s just been passed to the other gender and there would still be gender inequality when it comes to money.

One of the faulty side effects of the Gender Equality reconstruction is that I hear woman taking it for granted that the man pay the bills even when she’s making money because it’s due as opposed to stepping up to play their part in healing gender financial inequality by helping with the bill.

When change happens, both sides need to change. Not just one, if you really want  equity.


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