The Inauguration of Donald J Trump

Quite The Defining Moment for Our Country.  Quite the speech.

Ok, Ok, Ok, Listen up everybody.
Mine is not “A Better Way, mine is just “Another Way” and this is the way I’m going with this. YOU are free to go whichever way makes you happiest.
I’m personally choosing to separate the man from the process right now and moving forward. Though what I’m about to present may sound contradictory at first, here’s where I’m going.

Continued below photo gallery.

1) I’m all for the protests and “The People, the Patriots of America” jumping on the busses and getting on the trains and heading out join in demonstration of our displeasures and expressing our concerns . I’m all for and inspired by what we’re seeing today with the demonstrations across the country that are letting it be known to Trump and everybody associated with him, our country and every person in it comes before You and this country is not for sale.

2) However, I believe much of the protests are misguided and counter productive. I’d choose to reset our sites and refocus our guns of intolerance and angst and aim them not at the man ( who is now our President as the pictures in this gallery have adequately documented 😉 ) but at the broken process and the un-American activities and people behind the corrosion, if not dismantling of our, “We The People ” electoral process and through our protests and demonstrations, stop complaining about “The Man” but demonstrate to demand and force all our other elected officials and the news organizations to do their patriotic duty and fulfill their mission statements and in the case of the news, go and uncover the facts about what just took place with “OUR ELECTION” and deliver those facts to us , unfiltered and forthrightly, in order for “We, the American people” to examine those facts and force our Judicial System to do its patriotic, American duty to adjudicate fairly should unlawful activities be found prosecutable. The potential to benefit from this surreal presidential story is realized by redirecting our way of thinking to see what really needs addressing right now, right here at this defining moment in our American history and not let it get away from us, that is to protest what a horrible, unfair, unjust, unacceptable , if not illegitimized election we just witnessed took place in our country.
I won’t go into to many details now, but you all know, whether you are a Trump supporter or not , that that election was the most corrupted, poorly and dishonestly orchestrated and executed election we have ever seen, and probably in all American history. That is where I believe the most productive focus of our attention lies (in addition to letting Tump and his entire administration know were watching).


3) The unfair use of character besmirching propaganda , as Trump correctly points out is like something straight out of Nazi Germany, , with the dissemination of false facts and fake news and unqualified Wiki Leaks that now have compromised veracity and questionable integrity and may actually be manipulated by foreign and adversarial governments to sway the election away from a candidate that they do not want to see get in, (which should actually be viewed as an endorsement of that candidate when you think about it long enough) .

The FBI Director, in unpatriotic and complete dismissal and complete disregard for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and the very principles and values our Founding Fathers and Patriots have given their lives to provide for the people of our land , one of our most important core values of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”. How dishonoring of America , how dishonoring of the Founding Fathers, how dishonoring of our Constitution and all the men and woman and patriots of this country was it to repeatedly blast out unfairly damaging “allegations” about Hillary’s e-mails when she has not been proven guilty of anything just as Trump has not been proven guilty of any of the lawbreaking and constitutional violations he’s now being accused of. I believe what they did was unconscionable and don’t understand why Americans , why “We The People” are not more outraged and incensed by that. AND they did it repeatedly and again days before the election. Why the hell are we all not seeing that for what it was and saying “Hey- NOT ON MY WATCH YOU DON”T”. ???

4) All you protestors out there , please remember , when you’re protesting and demonstrating against Trump, against “The Man” you are also protesting against your brothers and sisters and the other half of our country who are wildly and even fanatically for him and only serving to divide us more and separate the American people into two halves -them that’s for, and them that’s against. Many of the protests are backfiring and you’re only fighting against ourselves. Not Good :-/

5) Demonstrate against the multitude of wrongs that just took place with that election and you become the patriot. Why are we not seeing that? Place your demonstrations where they really need to be focused and go after the corrupting influences in that election so that all American’s can be assured our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Core Values will not be dishonored and will be defended and protected and honored and maintained no matter what and All America will be united behind that .

6) “We The People” have to play our part and have an obligation and duty to our country of paying attention and being active and diligent to our duties, as Obama poignantly and wonderfully reminded us, of performing our role here of being “Good Citizens” again .
If we want to make America Great again, it’s up to us , not just to the people we put in office but its up to us to play our part . No matter who you were for, or who you were against, we must stay focused on the the American process and practices of our institutions and stand up against them when they move away from the purpose we created them for .

7) Regarding “The Man”.
I am the master of my own life and hold dominion over my own experience and by my own design and desires for what I want out of life, I CHOOSE to lean towards the positive. Not to the left, neither to the right, but to the positive as opposed to filling the precious minutes of my life experience with negatives.
Silver Lining Finding is a special delight of mine 🙂 .
So, regardless, separate and apart from my complete disgust with that election and no matter how much my heart goes out for Hillary because of how unfairly she has been treated and how unfair that election AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE were to her, I’m going to choose to look at the man and go with this. Though I don’t like and choose to fight with how you got there, Donald Trump, for right now YOU’RE THE MAN 🙂
and you just took an oath that “We The People ” put into place to guide and get you to Honor and Defend and Protect the Constitution of our United States of America and you just gave the most fascinating, curious , if not mind bogglingly controversial Inaugural Speeches America has ever heard.
If our sisters and brothers and fellow American’s feel compelled to continue to protest against “The Man”, and they want to be patriotic about it, the only productive and patriotic demonstration would be to take that Inauguration speech Trump just deliver and plaster it on signs and march back and forth in front of the White House every single day carrying those signs back and forth reminding the President of The United States of America , Donald J. Trump of what he said he’d do and remind him of who he works for now. Unlike the world he’s used to, where everybody works for him, he now works for somebody else — US .

8) And — if Trump actually delivers on what he stated and promised in that speech, in front of the eyes of the whole world, not only will I shout HOORAY !! but he will go down as one of the greatest presidents of all American history and I’ll even say, be right up there with the likes of Lincoln , inheriting a bitterly divided and critically ailing America and bring us back to unity, prosperity and to the role model we want our America to be again.
So, I’m choosing to move away from the divide and protests against so many of my own family and close friends and my fellow American’s with demonstrations against “The Man”. Like him or not, and as you can plainly see with this Gallery of pictures , from the looks of it, Donald J Trump is our president I’ll stand behind him.
But I’ll also be a patriotic citizen by standing behind him holding a copy of that speech and making sure he does what he says and insist that our press be watching closely.


BTW, just a prediction, but if not Hillary, which I genuinely feel badly about because the injustices to the Clintons, Bill and Hillary both, were too many and too unAmerican, Your first Female American President is emerging right in front of you. Elizabeth Warren . You heard it here first

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