The invite to the mandatory “Sexual Harassment” precaution seminar

When my career in Hollywood had firmly been established and I was described as a “Mover and a Shaker” in the industry I got a call and was invited to a mandatory seminar from the head of a security company that worked for the studios. The man explained that the seminar was held periodically and was paid for by the studios and was given to men who had reached a level of influence in the business and were entering an arena where they could and probably would be considered “Targets” for a side of the industry that has its desperations. He explained a little of what was taught at the seminar. Most of it was about sexual harassment. I was deeply in love and living with the most beautiful woman in the world at the time and I’m not that kind of guy anyway, so I thanked the man and begged off politely saying there wasn’t any worry or even chance of anything like that happening with me so my attendance at the seminar wouldn’t be needed . That’s when he told me that if I wanted to keep working with the studios I would need to take it for liability risk reduction that everyone needs to know and be prepared for out there, “besides, it’s interesting stuff and you’ll get to meet a lot of other people in the iundustry. Look at it like an industry mixer.” he said. So, I went and had the crap scared out of me. For 45 minutes they showed you pictures and told you stories and sited lawsuits and horrific stories of guys in the industry being set up for nuisance suits that get filed just to pick a deep pocket that will settle out of court not because they were guilty of anything but to save the enormous costs and stress and time it would take to deal with it, even though you’d prevail if pursued. In the seminar I as told what you can do and what you can’t and things to look out for . 1) During any interviews always have a woman staff member in the room with you, never let a woman with a wrap around dress into your office and if she closes the door behind her you go back and open it. If a candidate for a job comes to an appointment and brings you breakfast, like a breakfast sandwich and orange juice or coffee in a brown paper bag she’s stepped over the line and is viewing you as target and will be trouble . They went into a lot of details about what injustices, siting specific case after and people, ands what had happened to good men and the damage their lives encountered just because they were nieve and didn’t have their guard up. It shook me a little to know what goes on at different levels . At the seminar we were all asked about our experiences and I shared a story about the day I was making a tour of the stages and checking in on the different productions when one of the extras spotted me and my deaf dog Bachus and ran over and asked who I was. I shared that I was the head of the studios and we talked for a little while and she told me how she was looking for work in the industry and asked if she could talk to me about possibly working for my company so I invited her to come up to the offices when the crew broke for lunch , which she did. My secretary told me when the woman arrived and I went out and welcomed her and walked her into my office. Even though I had let her go in first , she closed the door behind us. I had the corner office, floor to ceiling glass windows for walls on two sides that gave me a view of the entire backlot on one side and the mountains on the other . She walked around my office looking out the windows and settled in on the couch across from my desk instead of one of the chairs while was doing something and when I looked up she had undraped her blouse and while sitting there completely topless said, “I could get used to this”. I truly was taken by surprise and startled and responded ” Yeah, so could I   but you really can’t do that” as I moved swiftly to the door to open it. She got the message and re-drapped her blouse. With a very big smile I just told her that that was lovely but not really needed, we carried on a funny dialogue after that and ended the conversation with me escorting her to the elevator so she could go back to the set. If I hadn’t been so in love with someone at the time I’m not going to speculate what I might have done, I probably would have done the same but at least gotten her phone number   Chances are Lock had a lot of girls come on to him to and a lot of sex does go on behind the scenes in the film and tv industry , like it does everywhere I quess, but I had actresses flirting with me about the same time you speak about and in the same place and on the same stage as you. I worked on the Guiding Light during the Lock Wallace years as well so you and I may have crossed paths before and never known until now. I was the Audio director at the time , standing next to the director marking our scripts as the blocking took place and often during the dress rehearsals. Come to think about it, I think I remember you and being attracted to you and being nervous while talking to you and after a few attempts at conversation finally got up nerve to ask you if I could take you out to dinner sometime and you rejected me and broke my heart . Yes, I think you may have been that cute girl on the set who broke my heart which is why you looked so familiar when we first met <3

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