The Story of Charles Composto

I will not tell you other than I know

or speak from any point of view or perspective  outside of what I know , saw, and experienced first hand.


I met a man named Charles Composto,

at first just a voice from another side of a phone.

We spoke of my belongings that I had shipped from Burbank to Bayside

that had been placed by the moving company (Mayfair I believe)

and  held in his facility at Time Moving and Storage down at the waterfront foot of Brooklyn

where the Statue of Liberty could be seen as just a row boats ride away.

There were some complications with a bill from the Mayfair Moving  that misjudged the fee they originally determined for the fare

that left an unplanned for balance that I could not provide. So the crates went into storage until the charges could be paid.

A  dilemma that plagued me for years.

Hard times hit and I fell into despair

the mounting debt and growing storage bill adding to my dilemma and growing desperation

as I sank into depression and  hopelessness and deep despair .

I met with Charles Composto to see what we could do

and he listened to my story as I shared and shared and shared with open wounds and bleeding  spirit.

After meeting me face to face and taking the time to care

and to listen and to learn

he took me completely by surprised and responded to my honesty with a statement.

He looked at me and as steady as a rock said “You’re a very beautiful man”.

He was not speaking of anything but what he saw in my soul and in my life and placed upon it a definition

that spoke to me like a guardian Angel, with a calm and wisdom filled eye and tone.

I had never heard a man call another man beautiful in that spiritual way before

not in any way actually and certainly not to me and to my face .

In the midst of lost souls , in confusion and turmoil beyond compare

I felt like I had just found someone who could hear me

who could see and could understand

and in that one single instant

I remembered what it felt like – to not be alone.

With those simple empathetic words Charles Composto saved my life.

For each and every life out there there’s a reference point, a tipping point

where who and what and where you are gets crushed and lost and there seems like another there that holds you up

as you’re suspended in thin air with nothing but the promise of doom and darkness to surround you

where you’ll feel you can’t go on

and life has just overtaken you , rolled over you and kept on driving right past you

when there’s no one and nothing and no longer even God(who you curiously still hold on to hoping to believe in )

has taken a hike

there is a reference point out there when an angel earns it’s wings and reaches down and places / rests a hand

often at the bleakest hour

and saves you from the abyss,  and pulls your head from under water and hands you something to hold onto

and saves you

as Charles Composto’s ear and heart saved mine




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