Veterans Day

Veterans-Day-Pictures-10-1024x640 maxresdefaultI spoke at a recent Bayside High School Alumni Reunion, Class of 60-64.
In the group there were a few veterans . One was a Tuskegee Airman and the other served in the Pacific during World War II and wore a Veterans Cap.
During the event I kept looking over and spotting the old man with the veteran’s cap.
The evening went on and at the point when I had to leave I stopped at the end of the table where the veteran with the cap sat and I announced loudly to everyone to get their attention, that it was my pleasure to meet all of them . Having gotten all their attentions I went on and asked if there were any other veterans at the table other than the gentleman with the Veterans Cap.
There were two. The Tuskegee Airman and another . So, I addressed to the three what I had intended for the senior in the WWII cap. I told everyone how lucky and fortunate I have been in my life to have been in the places I have found myself and found the places I have been to be filled with opportunity, and I went on to say that I have taken many chances in my own life and put myself out there on the line many times, with no safety net to catch me, to see what my potentials can do. and that not for one minute do I take for granted that the life I lead and the life I have been blessed to pursue and the freedoms I enjoy to find and make my own way in the world are a result of their service in the military and the role that these gentleman played in all our lives , and that I am very grateful to them. Then I turned back to the man with the cap who was sitting directly to my left that I had periodically been glancing at while I was speaking and I put my hand out to thank him.
As if no one else existed in the world , for that brief moment when that veteran placed his hand into mine with a bit of look of surprise on his face because he didn’t expect where I was going with this and that the whole time I was speaking about him , for that brief isolated moment in time , when two hands met with a good firm and steady handshake , we looked each other directly in the eye while I pursed my lips ever so tightly and shook my head up and down ever so gently and silently told him with a glance the depth of my appreciation.
For that brief moment , contained in that glance and handshake was a message he so deserved to hear. A recognition from his future to his past and a message to his past from the future he would help to mold had just come back to him. You could see in his eyes the connection that was just made within his own life, in that public place, with a whole room full of alumni and friends to witness , and that he seemed to really like that very much 😉

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