What I did on my Summer Vacation 2014 Installment #4

What I did on my summer vacation 2014  #4

Made an appeareance down at the FOX Studios on Avenue of The Americas on an early Manhattan Morning and then had an out of body experience doing sit-ups at the gym when I appeared on TV and popped up on 20 screens at ounce. Played with a turtle I ran into after dawn, saw picture perfect families with beautiful babies under beach umbrellas, went to a gallery opening or two, hung out with my swans Arrogence and Vanity and drew patterns in the sand. Took a “Scott Worthy” shot of a sailboat in Sag Harbor and toasted marshmellows around a campfire in the woods upstate with my family, did some hot doggin and hamburgerin over the grill and paid a visit to my parents resting place. Met a radiant couple in paradise, alone in my own garden of eden and longed for love. You can see what I saw in the gallery below. This couple was so beautiful and just beaming with bliss. How often do we feel that mystical magical miraculous blossom of love in our lives. These two had it and it reminded me of every great love affair I’ve ever had all bunched into one and I longed for love. But I certainly cannot complain. No man has been more blessed in love than I, it’s probably been my greatest addiction. – Took another silly selfie or two and went for a walk by the bay with a new friend. Missed my beautiful Angel “Somethin fierce” (as Rhonda would say 🙂 ) Road my bike to the beach a few times. Went to a Hamptons Pool Party and thought about my friend Patrick Head everywhere I looked and with every picture I took 😉 😎 Went for a midday walk on a hot, still summer’s day down amongst the ruins of Fort Totten when nobody was looking and felt like I was on vacation in Knosos and the deep South all at the same time. Stood blessed and in awe, witnessing with reverence a handfull of magnificent sunsets and sadly said farewell to a new friend that I couldn’t keep and had such high hopes for, and took another silly selfie or two and watched the fireworks at a summer’s night beach party that lit up the sand and the surf and the spectacle of summer romance and secret hand holding, and took another silly selfie or two 😎


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