Let’s examine “The Truth”. (Just starting)

-Just starting to be posted-

Ever feel like getting to the truth is like digging to the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper trying to find something that is less soiled than what you’re wearing 

but that nothing you’ve got to work with is actually clean?

Whatever happened to The Truth.? It used to be something you thought you could count on but now we’re realizing it may be just a concept like God that we may choose to believe in or not believe in but the more we search for unassailable validation, the more we realize there isn’t any.

Ever tell someone your truth about something and watch it get spun into something completely inapproriate and even unassociable with what your facts are but see it get manipulated and disfigured by the listeners agenda’s or personal issues or witness it get spun into something completely unacceptable by someone who’s looking to find some reason or way to turn it against you. Ever watch a statement you’ve made get taken out of context to create an impression of a completely different story than the context from which it originated?

Ever examine your own abilities to hear things with an open and balanced mind and stop yourself from tainting a larger truth by grabbing at some negative aspect of it ? Ever examine your own truths to see how well they actually fair when placed up against the truths of others in relation to your take on the same issue or event?

We just started posting this, more to be posted very shortly. Please come back and see us in a short while when we get to The Bottom of The Truth. 😉

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