That Went Out With The Mayan Calendar

Welcome to That Went Out With The Mayan Calendar.

Thank you for coming. 🙂 What you’re about to find here is a repository of  really fun facts, statistics and interesting analysis to learn from, fascinating conversations to weigh in on, visually amusing photographs and intellectually stimulating videos to spark and inspire your imagination as well as a number of very useful practical tools to put into application in your day to day life that can immediately effect a positive change in the way you’re experiencing your world.

Most of these facts and many of these tools are so simple it’s almost embarrassing that we haven’t recognized them or engaged in them before or put them into place up till now as with our section called “Find a Flaw” that awakes our awareness of problematic cultural constructions and supplies simple remedies and suggestions for us to put into practical daily application for a better life experience.

There’s a section on linguistics that immediately upgrades the quality and content of our conversations as well as improves our ability to communicate with each other and even helps us avoid needless arguments. For instance, many people are already aware of the almost epidemically widespread and destructive use of the word “But”. Use it when speaking about how you’ve had to reconsider your own thoughts (ie: “I used to think this, BUT now I think that”) and you’ve earned respect from your audience and the title of considerate and thoughtful person. Immediately start off a response to what another has just shared with you by using the word but (ie: “But what you say is this” or “But you need to think about that”) and you’ve picked a fight and now earned the adjectives of close minded, stubborn, pig headed and contentious. So, if you want to communicate more effectively and have an easier and more fun time doing it you’ll really appreciate the tools and insights that you’ll find in the linguistics section.

There are also behaviors and attitudes floating loose and unchecked out there that we’d all be better off discontinuing. There’s a section to address those here as well called “Behavioral Modifications” that looks at what we do and why we do it and challenges us to find the better way. Our goal is to hopefully raise awareness of what we’d like to see change and what we’d like to see recognized as being obsolete and out of date and to arm you with wonderful insights and awareness giving vision as well as change effecting abilities to spot the things that go wrong in our lives at their beginnings, nip them in the bud with a better alternative plan of action or behavior and, every time you see or hear something we know to be faulty to have you saying “Stop, there’s a better way, we don’t do that anymore, that went out with the Mayan Calendar.” ;-D

The Mayan Calendar is a place of conscious evolution where we can start openly thinking together and deliberately uniting in our common desires and thoughts and where we can purposefully start utilizing the powers of our collective consciousness to propel us to where we’d prefer to be and prefer to grow and to exchange what we’d like to see come into our lives now and in the future. It is also a place to identify and jettison all that we’ve had enough of and seen too much of and gotten tired with. There is also a place to share your own insights and success stories so that we can get us all moving “Farther Forward, Faster Sooner” in an agreed upon better direction. For instance: I saw a post on facebook from a person who said he’d like to live in a world where instead of George Zimmerman shooting Travon Martin when things got confusing, he helped him and that these issues of race were finally gone once and for all, and not later either, but now. That sounds like it should be so simple and easy and obviously more desirable to achieve. So, what’s stopping us. That Went Out With The Mayan Calendar also takes a look at exactly that and explores what we can and have to do to achieve change. So if you have even the slightest desire to take an active roll and participate in moving society forward and would like to play your part in making your world a better place “What’s It Going To Take” is a section that you’ll adore.

There’s also a section here to examine our spirituality and even observe some of the funny visuals our world presents us. Check out the “Pareidolia Gallery” for a fun laugh. If seeing is believing than you be the judge.

There’s definitely a lot to look at and learn from and evolve with and just plain old “Enjoy” inside this portion of The Bayside Experiment as we build it here in front of you over the next few weeks. For now, you are welcome to take a peak at the preview found by placing your cursor over the “That Went Out With The Mayan Calendar” title on the home page’s menu bar or also take the look back at a small fraction of the ideas and origins of this section by clicking on the link below and looking at the original page.

Much more to come, and again, thank you so much for being here 😉




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One comment on “That Went Out With The Mayan Calendar
  1. Armand Duval says:

    I am happy to be able to be one of the first to wish you well, all the best and God’s Speed with this project and its really noble and worthy aspirations. Allow me to be one of the first dollars to be donated to the cause. Here’s is my $1 dollar. May you put it to the best use and hopefully together we can make things happen to help us advance and evolve into a more enlightened species.

    Yours Truly,
    Armand Duval

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