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Veterans Day

I spoke at a recent Bayside High School Alumni Reunion, Class of 60-64. In the group there were a few veterans . One was a Tuskegee Airman and the other served in the Pacific during World War II and wore

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Becoming Impotent Through Therapy

Gregg P SullivanGroup Admin I knew of a music teacher at BHS while I was there whose flirtations and over abundant attentions to a girl I had a crush on raised suspicion. She loved the attention and had a crush on

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Cinnamon Bread Egg Sandwich

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Obama Trump

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James Burrows Salute – w/ Gallery

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She Loves Me at Studio 54

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Eclipsed Lupita Wyong’o gets a caricature

Thank God for fun friends in cool places. There’s only a small handful of people in the entire world who get to experience the things my friend Pat Addiss​ does. Pat’s one of those truley rare New Yorker’s New Yorker

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Restroom Stall Coat Hook Face

Confessions of a Raging Pareidoliac: So I walked into a public bathroom stall and noticed a funny little coat hook placed on the wall high above the toilet. I looked at it and it looked like a “he’ to me

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My first job at CBS – Walter Cronkite News

My first job at CBS was audio assist for Billy on the Cronkite News. I’d plug the mic in and test it during set up and then clip it on Walters tie after he sat down at the beginning of

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The 2016 Academy Awards

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Gregg’s Daily Chronicles
Here is the storyboard style trail of insights into the thoughts, private activities and challenges that I concern myself with on a daily basis or that occupy my time and awareness and benchmark the progress of my education and personal evolution. Just click on my name below for the closer look. Storyboard Trails

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